Friday, September 21, 2012

Ganesha Banda.....

We had guests this Ganesha Chaturti.
Ganesha had come with his mother Gowri.

This is after pooja ......

This year we decided to invite Ganesha to our home. Since he loves food, I made Karjikai, Chakkuli, chakkalu/nippattu, Laddu and groundnut Toffi.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Miss or Master P

This fellow or felle is born in our balcony. He/she is actually small and can't fly still. Here is one more with the parent P.

A pigeon pair used to visit us all the time. When my son T was not going to school he used to give them roasted gram, water,etc and watch them eat. About 2 months ego they started to spend more time in our balcony and we made a small nest for them with an old carpet on our rowing machine.
Immediately Mrs P laid one egg and one more after 3 days. Both Mr. and Mrs.P sat over the eggs all the time. Eggs hatched after 3 weeks, again one after the other in a matter of 2-3 days. Both the parents got super busy feeding the chicks very frequently.

This is about 1 week after hatching.
We went to a trip to Orissa, that is, Puri and Bhubneshwar for 10 days. By the time we came back,  the smaller one had died due to unknown reasons and the elder one was unrecognisable. We thought both the chicks have gone and Mrs.P is sitting alone. It is difficult to say he/she is still young unless you compare with the parent Pigeon.


This fellow may fly away within no time. He/she grooms himself all the time. Mrs or Mr.P have reduced feeding and grooming him, probably wants him to feed himself.
One lesson learnt. I have to try it on my son T.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Daisy Hairband

I made a quick headband a few days ago.
That day I packed a puffy for a friend’s B’day to post on the next day and went to sleep. But I started feeling that something is missing. She has two cute little daughters and it is hard to ignore them. It is also possible that they hijack the parcel and get disappointed when they find nothing for them.
Also, if you have a kid at home and somehow they justify that they are entitled to all the nice things you have (including opening gifts). So I got up and made these super quick head bands.
Gauge: 24 sts / 4 inch
Yarn: 4 ply in two contrast color
Needles: Size 9/ 3.75mm long circular.
Crochet hook: same size as the needle.
Yarn Needle.
Options: buttons crochet/ knitted flowers etc
Length: 20 inches
Width: 1 inch (it can be easily increased)
Cast On 100 stitches (for 16 inches) using Long tail cast on (it takes just a couple of minutes).
Knit Stockinette stitch for 6-8 rows (you can increase and make it wider) and Bind of.                                
With the crochet hook make a border with Single  Crochet with the contrast yarn.
When you are done, Go to the narrow side, pick up stitches according to the rows knitted and do crochet. This will give you a small triangle (There could be better methods but I know very little crochet). From the middle make a Chain of 20- 25 stitches (for 2-3 inches) and slip stich back to make it a little wide. This is for tying. Repeat this on the other side.

With the yarn needle embroider lazy Daisies with contrast yarn. They look good with beads or buttons in the middle also.